Four Friends, Ten Days and Twenty Unforgettable Experiences – Part 2

Last week the four friends experienced Johannesburg and Soweto, this week they head out of the city and along the Garden Route.

Our next stop was the quaint little town of Knysna where we were treated to both thrills and luxury. First on the itinerary was black water tubing at Storms River. After suiting up (in a wetsuit that is) we jumped into our tubes and were told to stay in ‘caterpillar’ formation so we didn’t look appealing to any nearby bull sharks. I was seriously concerned about my resemblance to a seal, but our hospitable guides assured me we were perfectly safe. As you can see, I shouldn’t have been so concerned, it was a tranquil and beautiful ride down the river.

The afternoon was finished with a gorgeous sunset cruise on a yacht. We sat on the front of the boat sipping champagne and watching the sun set over the picturesque landscape. While in Sydney the trip might have cost you a month’s wage, South Africa was so affordable that we were frequently able to indulge. Actually I think it’s possible that we ate, drunk and shopped at least four times what we would have normally, just because we could!

Mossel Bay was our next thrill-seeking adventure where we took to a four hundred metre sand dune for a heart-pumping adrenaline rush. Who knew you could snowboard on sand?

SAT Dunes Boarding

That night, my understanding of luxury was completely re-defined by Grootbos Nature Reserve. Breath-taking views, the best massage of my life and a degustation dinner served in the private wine cellar earned Grootbos my seal of recommendation.

On day six we took to the open ocean and were again suited up like seals, this time in the hope that we would actually attract the sharks, and with the confidence that there would be a cage protecting us. My confidence in the cage disappeared when I came face to face with one of the world’s greatest predators, the Great White shark. It was a buzz that I still find difficult to describe so I’ll just suggest that it’s something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The 4 ladies on the boat - wetsuits

We next arrived in wine country, Kleine Zalze in Stellenbosch to be exact, where we again indulged in too much food and far too much wine. We each left with at least two magnums of the signature Shiraz and a few bottles of the Chenin Blanc tucked away in our luggage.


The adventure doesn’t end here. Next week our travelers finish up with some close encounters with South Africa’s most famous inhabitants.