South Africa for thrill seekers

South Africa is a Mecca of adventure activities and the following activities are bound to get your pulse racing.

Abseiling in South Africa
Where: Table Mountain in Cape Town
Scare factor: World’s highest commercial abseil

Table Mountain in Cape Town is located 1000m above sea level. Scaling down this 260 million year old natural wonder of the world will get your heart racing, boasting its status as the highest commercial abseil in the world – you’ll definitely earn some bragging rights as an extreme thrill seeker!

The activity operates on a daily basis weather permitting and the total activity takes 45 minutes to an hour. This includes demonstration of the abseil, putting on the equipment, abseil and short hike to get back on top of the mountain.

If you’re a thrill seeker or looking to try something new and different, the 112m vertical descent offers breathtaking aerial views of the city of Cape Town and the surrounding beaches; definitely an activity to tick off the bucket list!

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Abseiling on Table Mountain

White River Rafting
Where: Doring River in the Western Cape
Scare factor: Not for the faint hearted

South Africa offers white water rafting expeditions involve a mix of navigating through rapids at high speed and enjoying the scenery along the calmer sections of water in-between. As you enter each powerful section of white water you’ll feel your pulse racing and sense of balance tested. Then it’s out of the power zone with a sense of accomplishment as you drift into flat water again. If you do happen to take a tumble, be happy in the knowledge that your white water tales will have more of an edge.
If you are after challenging rapids to test your skills, look no further than the Doring River, located in the Western Cape or expeditions along the Blyde River which is known for its intensity.

South Africa gets the majority of its rain during the summer months between October and April, making these months premium white water rafting periods (outside of the Western Cape, which experiences winter rain).

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White Water Rafting

Bloukrans Bungee Bridge
Where: Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape
Scare factor: World’s highest commercial bungee bridge

One, two, bungee! Leaping off the Bloukrans Bridge, you plunge 216 metres into the gorge below. As far as adrenalin rushes go, you don’t get much better than a Bloukrans bungee jump, which also happens to be located in one of the most scenic corners of the country.

Established in 1990, Face Adrenalin has been operating for 24 years with a 100% safety record. The 216-metre Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercial bungee jump from a bridge in the world and attracts adventure-seekers from all over the globe. The bridge is found along the scenic Garden Route and has to count as one of the most spectacular bungee jumps in South Africa, if not the world.

If you think this activity maybe too extreme for you, in April 2010, Mohr Keet set a Guinness World Record as the oldest person to bungee jump by taking the plunge off the Bloukrans Bridge at 96 years old!

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